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Exploding a few myths about our dear old sod

In case you are one of the million-plus visitors who arrived here after being inspired by the queen or the US president, can I shatter a few of your illusions?

Not all Irish people drink Guinness. Nor is it compulsory to drink same or get your photo taken with a glass of the stuff in your hand.

There are more musicians and bands in Ireland than Westlife. I know, I know, they played for the queen and Obama but, trust me, we do have others.

You are by now aware that we do not imprison any of those who bankrupted and lied to us. You probably saw many of them attending both events. We are a forgiving nation.

Try speaking Irish, it's cool now. You probably speak it better than 95pc of the native population.

The men who pass themselves off as politicians aren't really. The IMF, EU and Timothy Geithner now run Ireland.

Do not look for fairies, leprechauns or the Celtic Tiger. All were/are myths.

If you want summer weather try coming in late March or April. This might amaze you but May, June and July are normally monsoon months.

If you have any loose or spare change please throw it in the plastic bucket at Dublin Airport as you leave our country. We need it.

John Cuffe

Dunboyne, Co Meath