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Everyone won at glorious Games

Madam -- Brendan O'Connor must be commended for his apposite reflections on the Paralympics and paralympians ('Mentors and Role Models', Sunday Independent, September 9, 2012). I would, however, appreciate space to mention a few other considerations.

Paralympic Games 2012 have ended and all concerned with their outstanding success must be profoundly commended. Without a shadow of doubt the overall winner was humankind. The Games amounted to far more than a glorious promotion of disability sport. Spectators and TV viewers could never forget the scenes of joy that emanated from achievements against virtually impossible odds. As regards encouragement, example, compassion, faith, hope, and almost every other virtue, the events constituted a sermon that could not be delivered by the most eloquent preacher!

We are rightly proud of Team Ireland and all those who secured medals. We sympathise with competitors who failed to find their best form on the day. But the important consideration is this: there really were no losers -- all who competed were winners and are entitled to bask in the singular glory!

Jack Fitzsimons,

Kells, Co Meath

Sunday Independent