Thursday 19 April 2018

Euro thrill is gone

• The writing has been on the wall for some time now -- events of the past week have just reinforced things. It's time for the Republic to leave not just the euro but the EU too. The romance is well and truly over. We can't ignore the signs any longer.

For one, our electorate -- well, those that were around to vote -- give the EU a much-needed boost by passing the recent fiscal treaty referendum. And what thanks do we get? A 3-1 humbling by a nation that's not even a full EU member, followed by a 4-0 thumping from a country that has a far worse debt crisis than us.

It gets worse. We send our prized twin assets to the Eurovision two years in a row and each time they get flatly rejected. You think they'd say no to those treasures in the States, China even? It's time for us to read the signs. Leave our euro love-in now before the psychological damage becomes irreversible.

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