Tuesday 20 February 2018

Euro break

• The statement by Finance Minister Michael Noonan, calling on the ECB to make a "declaration of intent" about some kind of solution in relation to the Anglo Irish Bank promissory notes, is a clear sign of desperation by a government that has neither the political will nor the courage to challenge the illegitimate and odious anti-people debt dumped on the Irish people.

The Irish establishment has been claiming almost every time they come back from these jamborees that they have struck a deal; but no sooner have they their backsides back in their Mercs than their "deal" unravels.

Mr Noonan became the first minister to publicly admit that there is a direct link between the Government's Budget strategy and the repayments of this odious debt, when he stated: "It would help me doing the budgetary arithmetic if something could be arranged" in relation to the promissory notes.

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