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EU takeover to be welcomed

Our new 'Taoiseach' Olli Rehn, who also acts as EU Commissioner, is of course right -- Ireland can no longer afford to operate a low tax economy.

But I would add one amendment to 'Taoiseach' Rehn's analysis -- we never could.

The chickens who regarded themselves as masters of the old Celtic Tiger universe -- Charlie McCreevy, Bertie Ahern and Mary Harney -- used to rail against pinko, 'weeping Jesus' types.

The castle in the air, built by the three amigos, seems like a very bad nightmare in the cold light of the daylight robbery that is the bank bailout.

Now they are hiding their heads as the EU dictates every last policy decision to deal with our economic depression.

My only real concern about being governed by the EU is that we are pretending our farce of a very expensive parliament is somehow still valid.

'Taoiseach' Rehn would be pleasantly surprised to learn that not many Irish people would object to direct control from Brussels.

We need to accelerate the EU takeover of this State, and ask 'Taoiseach' Rehn to appoint a range of public service managers from Europe to reform our state services.

Declan Doyle

Irish Independent