Wednesday 20 November 2019

EU bodies also need to be scrutinised closely

It is refreshing to see the secretary general of the European Commission, Catherine Day, acknowledge the existence of "arrogance" among powerful public officials ('Arrogant Ireland has lost its shine . . .', Irish Independent, April 2).

Ms Day would be in an unassailable position if she was able to point to equivalent transparency on the part of the European Commission.

It has practised concealment over its own chaotic and opaque accounts, the role of its anti-corruption arm OLAF, and the disastrous way Romania was admitted into the EU as its 27th member (a decision in which the secretary general was centrally involved).

Nation states periodically clean out their Augean stables due to a range of internal public pressures.

But the EU continues to be untouchable.

One can only assume that the commission and the other EU entities are bathed in such supernatural purity, that elementary house-cleaning rules are totally unnecessary in their case.

Prof Tom Gallagher
School of Social and International studies, University of Bradford, Englandl l l l l l

Irish Independent

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