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Equality doesn't apply in church

David Quinn sees the new equality laws as an attack on religious freedom ('Religious freedoms under attack from equality laws', Irish Independent, February 5) citing the following example: "Under this legislation a church hall that refused to rent itself out to a gay couple wishing to celebrate their civil union, could be sued. Its ethos wouldn't matter."

So, is it correct to say that at present any church hall has the right to refuse: all couples who have had pre-marital sex; all couples who work on Sundays; all couples who wear clothes of more than one cloth type; all mixed-race couples or all couples who eat pork? In fact, is there anyone who can have a civil union in a church hall, if the people who run it actually fully practise what they preach?

Ironically the church's stance on the issue might be the most equal of all. Ban everybody.

James McGarrigle
Salthill, Galway

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