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Enough with the Mercs 'n' perks

While David Davin-Power was reporting on the RTE news from outside Farmleigh House where the Cabinet was meeting to discuss the savage budget cuts, he told us that the Taoiseach was arriving.

Sure enough, the barrier rose for his big Merc to pass through, followed by another big Merc, probably containing his briefcase and/or bodyguards.

A minute later, a cyclist dressed in an overcoat and cap arrived, spoke to a garda and the barrier lifted for him also, and in he went.

Probably a worker going to work on his bike, or a Green minister, I thought.

Either way, the ridiculous scene of top of the range motors arriving to plan our further reductions in the nation's income was not funny.

Not any more.

It is just depressing to know that while Rome is burning, the actors are still hell-bent on giving a performance.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

Irish Independent