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Enda story

•What a damp squib the Taoiseach Enda Kenny's speech was. He says we are in crisis (woah, we didn't know that, thanks Taoiseach). If you are a parent, you may be wondering how to pay the mortgage or care for the children. Remember, you are not responsible for this crisis, it's just too much borrowing! (the Taoiseach has such insight!) You would know if you were overspending in your own household. What drivel! Sure, any man woman or child could have written that speech. Why? Because we are living the words the Taoiseach is spouting.

He goes on to say we are shutting down dysfunctional banks. We have met our commitments to the EU and this has been acknowledged in Europe. Bravo! This means nothing to Joe Soap, who is out of work and has bills to pay and cannot sleep at night.

We will have a tough Budget, and a four-year strategy. Jobs are important. Someone in Limerick has got his dignity back after getting one. Good for him or her.

In 2015, we will be doing well. Oh great! So we will eat cake for three years. The Budget will get people back to work, banks will get back to lending and small firms can give people more jobs. Some certainty for the year ahead -- no tax change. Highest priority -- jobs. No state cars, and mobile phones withdrawn from politicians; there will be 23,000 people fewer in the public sector (so the health system deteriorates further); we must reform this economy. The Taoiseach's speech was like a child's composition in sixth class.

At least he didn't blame Fianna Fail!

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

Irish Independent