Saturday 24 February 2018

Emerald 'empire'

• Jennifer O'Connell's article (Irish Independent, December 28), 'It's official: We're boozed up, sexed up, online, in debt...but still spending', is in many ways reminiscent of the debauchery that preceded the much-documented fall of the Roman Empire. The staggering 188pc increase in deaths due to alcohol-related diseases according to a survey carried out by the Irish Society of Gastroenterology is surely an ominous sign of the perilous state of Irish society. Despite the much-lauded demise of the era of repression and church influence, the new so-called 'freedom' is, in reality, freedom without a corresponding sense of responsibility, and the results are self evident. I believe there will be no lasting economic recovery until each and every Irish person takes stock of his/her life and makes a sincere effort to encourage and cultivate values that enhance life and not in any way diminish this precious gift. Eileen Davey Laytown, Co Meath

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