Friday 23 February 2018

Elephant in room

• So the people have spoken -- or have they? Faced with a choice of continued austerity or further austerity. Enraged with the state of this country the majority decided not to waste their time voting, believing that it didn't really matter what they did.

One minister quipped: "Referendums are not really democratic," and another said that we can vote again if we vote No. Unfortunately this writer was disappointed with the level of debate -- Sinn Fein, the so-called "Real Opposition", concentrated on the austerity and People Before Profit failed miserably in their many different messages. None of them wanted to speak about the elephant in the room, the DEBT CRISIS.

Along came Declan Ganley, the "Referendum Man" who just can't help himself. He spoke about the debt but he wanted us to vote No. He wanted a deal done on the debt and if that was agreed by our German masters, he would vote Yes the next time.

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