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Elderly could be put at risk by State’s pension-age plans

Letters to the Editor


CEO of the HSA Dr Sharon McGuinness

CEO of the HSA Dr Sharon McGuinness

CEO of the HSA Dr Sharon McGuinness

The Government is still talking of raising retirement age in the same week as the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is saying farms should be no-go zones for the elderly. This is not joined-up thinking. 

I have written to Dr Sharon McGuinness, CEO of the HSA, urging her to impress upon the Government that the State should endeavour to ensure that anyone aged over 65 shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in high-risk labour.

Una O’Connor

Prosperous, Co Kildare


Freedom of speech is essential in any fair and just society

FOR those of us who value freedom of thought/expression, the news that US President Donald Trump is to take action against social media platforms which censor same, is very much welcome.

Contemporary society likes to pride itself on how superior it is to the nasty, censorious past. However, in reality things haven’t changed that much. One form of censorship has merely replaced another. A new type of moral norm, with its accompanying thought police, has replaced the previous morality.

So-called hate speech legislation is the thin end of a very dangerous wedge.

We have all seen how the likes of Facebook and Twitter arbitrarily censor comments they deem unacceptable, usually for airing views not in conformity with prevailing liberal/feminist dogma.

“Liberals” can’t have it both ways. We either live in open, free societies or we don’t. Where all views, provided they don’t advocate violence, should be permitted.

Eric Conway

Navan, Co Meath


Was fury in the US stoked by the frustrations of lockdown?

WHAT contribution did a 10-week lockdown make to the explosion of anger in the United States?

Dr John Doherty

Gaoth Dobhair, Co Dhún na nGall


Calling time at the Goat car park seems hypocritical

WHILE I do not necessarily condone the actions of Charlie Chawke in serving beer in the car park of the Goat, I find it difficult to reconcile the action of closing it down (because a few people queued at a social distance to be served and then may have congregated, a bit like the daily shopping routine) and then permitting a parade to proceed where hundreds of people marched shoulder to shoulder in Dublin city centre.

Eamon Ward

Co Wexford


If zoos pass the test to reopen, we can sort the Leaving Cert

WE HAVE reached a stage when Dublin Zoo can justify reopening its doors to the public, allowing up to 500 people visit at any given time. It is great to see some forms of normality return; However, it is incredulous that we can have the zoo opening and yet the State is unable to facilitate the administration of a Leaving Certificate examination, beginning this week.

As a parent, I have seen first hand the emotional trauma that has been placed on Leaving Certificate students this year, since the cancellation of the examination.  As a process for calculating grades the examination requires revision, yet it is better than the lottery of predicted grades that is being proposed. The manner in which the cancellation of the examination was handled by the schools, the politicians and the media was particularly tough on this cohort of students. Surely, not unlike Dublin Zoo’s preparations, facilities can yet be made ready for the administration of an examination that marks the denouement of the secondary education cycle.

Colin Quigley

Trim, Co Meath


Spending mantra in danger of spinning out of control

DAILY we are told that one of the ways out of the Covid-19 pandemic is to spend, spend, spend. The consumer must spend. The State must spend. The EU must spend. Will this turn into a global spendemic, or is it merely a Government spindemic?

Brendan Dunleavy

Killeshandra, Co Cavan


Will we be left crying in our beer when this is all over?

AS Ireland reopens further, will the pub crawl be replaced by a pub cull? 

Brian Ahern

Clonsilla, Dublin 15


Burning issues are not being addressed by the president

NERO, Rome, fiddle: Trump, America, golf.

Liam Power

Dundalk, Co Louth

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