Tuesday 20 March 2018

Einstein's goof

•You report (Irish Independent, November 18) states that "scientists are becoming more confident that they will be able to contradict Einstein's assertion that nothing can travel faster than light, after carrying out another test ... (that) suggests that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos can break the barrier".

An alternative explanation of their findings is that our three- (or four- according to special relativity) dimensional universe is imbedded in a higher dimensional reality.

To make this more intelligible, consider the analogy of the surface of a sphere (two dimensional). If everything were restricted to that surface except for 'neutrinos' which can move across the third dimension (interior of the sphere), then the light 'speed limit' might still apply. The distance between two points on the surface of the sphere is longer than this 'short cut' and this would give the impression that the 'neutrinos' have exceeded it.

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