Saturday 18 November 2017

Eilis should deal in real argument

Madam -- Eilis O'Hanlon points out that the terms 'knackers', 'pikeys', 'chavs' and 'skangers' have not been aired in the recent debate in relation to the stabbings at the concert in the Phoenix Park. She put the matter right in her prelude to her attack on the 'liberal left' (a broad brush) for their alleged shuddering at the term 'underclass'. She explains that by underclass she means 'the group of poorly educated long-term welfare recipients and others on the criminal fringe'. Now there is a very broad brush.

She tells us that 'myopic liberals' believe that the perpetrators of the violence should be 'shielded from blame and treated with kid gloves when caught'. I have heard no one, myopic or otherwise, who has tried to shield the perpetrators of violence or say that they should be treated with kid gloves.

However, without any facts to support her argument, Ms O'Hanlon implies that drunken violence is mostly engaged in only by poorly educated, long-term welfare recipients. In Ms O'Hanlon's lexicon of abusive language there is no such thing as a well-educated, well-heeled skanger. One wonders could the use of loutish language descend into skanger journalism.

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