Thursday 26 April 2018

Echoes of history

lIt now appears that Merkozy have begun the new year as they intend to continue it, that is, deciding the fates of what they likely see as their "constituent nations", in private meetings, behind closed doors.

While I realise this Euro-scepticism is fast becoming an old complaint, I recently noticed an unsettling historical parallel.

In 1938, Europe was in the midst of crisis and on the brink of war. Hitler set his sights on the then Czechoslovakia but hit a snag, namely, that when he massed his men on the Sudetenland border, the natives didn't just roll over. The Czechoslovaks actually moved their army to meet Hitler's and he backed down. This reminds me of the current Greek predicament, where the mere mention of the word "referendum" caused their prime minister to have to resign.

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