Friday 27 April 2018

EC encouraged loans

Sir -- Daniel McConnell's article (Hatred, disgust, anger -- Europe's feelings for us) -- (Sunday Independent, Mar. 27, 2011), is a highly instructive, analytical account of how a member state of the EU -- Ireland -- can go from being once widely regarded as the proto-type good, and responsible European within a space of over 30 years to becoming the enfant terrible of the EU, engendering intense anti-Irish emotionalism.

However a story half told is no story worth the telling, and when one has a storyteller so compromised, among a plethora of others, as Jose Manuel Barroso -- President of the European Commission -- to the extent that he tears out half the pages and closes the book on Ireland, this lack of balance in perspective has to be addressed.

Those most informed about malfeasance in relation to Ireland's political ruling class, and their financial cronies, were well-placed members of the EU like Mr Barroso, not the ordinary Irish people.

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