Wednesday 17 January 2018

Eamon's bottle

• Ah, Eamon, you took off the cape and folded it away, showing your mortality. Not a superman, not a messiah, not even a John the Baptist who merely paves the way for another, greater. At the end of the day, Dev Og succumbed to the kryptonite that is Fianna Fail.

Either the fiscal treaty is worthy of a Yes or a No; either Fianna Fail has lost its allure or it hasn't; either Eamon O Cuiv has lost his bottle or he has not; either we are totally at the mercy of big business and vested interests or we aren't -- but in any event, the volte face of the man from the Gaeltacht and old Eireann has been a humbling blow to us all. Talk is cheap, especially from a fence. Ask Michael Collins about that.

Og's grandfather prevaricated, too. A civil war ensued; allegiance would never be sworn to a foreign crown. And yet a Fianna Fail answer to an Irish problem was found. Allegiance was sworn, albeit with a cop-out: "We didn't touch the Bible, sir, when swearing the oath."

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