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Eagle eye on the farmer's real worth


I have to reply to John Tierney (Letters, June 22) and his accusations against farmers. He said farmers were against the reintroduction of the White-tailed Eagle. I saw the TV report and I saw farmers saying it would affect their income which they are entitled to do.

I am sure if Mr Tierney's income was being endangered, for what ever reason, he would speak out.

Farmers are guardians of the countryside whether he agrees with this or not. These are the facts. As a farmer in our area I can see more wildlife on my farm today than I ever have, so I think his remarks about the countryside being devoid of wildlife simply does not add up.

He spoke of hunts. I have seen hunts go through our farm for many years and I can honestly say I never heard of them catching a fox. So maybe there is some truth in the saying as clever as a fox.

The fox is classed as vermin as are mice and rats, so perhaps Mr Tierney should call on people to stop killing these also and see how the urban dweller would like them crawling all over their property.

His accusation that a farmer is in the paper every week for cruelty is complete rubbish. Very few such cases are ever seen in the papers. It is in our interest to have healthy animals on the farm because they are the food, fully traceable, that consumers are putting on their tables.

I read in the paper that hunt saboteurs put broken glass down where greyhounds were going to run. That sounds cruel to me.

Mr Tierney said that anyone can comment on farming regardless of his or her address. Of course they can but they should do their best to be accurate, which Mr Tierney was not.

Does this man travel on the road by car? If he does the chances are that he is killing small animals crossing our roads. Maybe he should travel by bicycle.

My advise to him is to stay in bed. Then he could not kill any animal. Or ccould he sleep in peace if he saw a fly caught in a spider web in the corner of his room? Ah well, perhaps he should keep his eyes shut because he surely has them already shut when he can't see the great work many farmers are doing in preserving the countryside and putting healthy food on our tables, even Mr Tierney's table I would guess.

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