Monday 20 January 2020

Dubs deserved the win but Mayo will get Sam next year

Dublin’s Philly Mc Mahon and Mayo’s Diarmuid O’Connor after final whistle
Dublin’s Philly Mc Mahon and Mayo’s Diarmuid O’Connor after final whistle
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Depending on which team you supported at Croke Park on Saturday evening, the result sparked all-consuming joy or heartache.

Dublin really are a great team and were deserving winners - if, however, you support Mayo, you might rightly feel aggrieved at the changing of the goalkeepers, which, no matter how well argued, made no sense at all. Jim Gavin set out his stall, left nothing to chance and his substitutions worked 100pc. The only thing Mayo can take out of this match is the absolute certainty that Sam will be with them come 2017.

Yes, rumours are doing the rounds that Sam Allardyce is taking over the running of the Mayo football team next year!

Great game. Great team. Right result.

Fred Molloy

Dublin 15

Good workers are tailor made

Your article on staff being allowed, or even "encouraged", to dress down at work makes for sad reading (Irish Independent, September 27).

Would you be pleased if a judge or court official were to appear in a jumper or shirtsleeves? No, we expect those engaged in official or serious jobs to look the part.

I came to London, aged 23, from Dublin. I have always dressed smartly and indeed found it has helped my career out of respect to myself and others. How good to see a well-dressed lady coming to assist you either in a shop or office. Talk about progress; well if the vast crowd of people who seem to live in jeans and rarely polish their shoes are to set the trends, leave me out.

Many men look unkempt with stubble (too lazy to shave) and others rarely have a decent haircut or even bother to comb their hair. Many have coats and jackets that really do not fit properly. So apart from anything else, think of all the shops and tailors who will lose business.

This all started with the arrival of the internet circa 1985, when those we normally never met crawled out of the woodwork and started setting trends we do not want. A form of rebellion by the young.

Barry Carroll

London, England

Police drum up action

If the Gardaí stop the beat, will there still be a Pulse?

Ted Cronin

Tralee, Co Kerry

Ministers' focus is on themselves

If all the various Ministers of Increasing Illness of the last decades would spend less time posing for cameras and more on trying to improve people's health, we could reduce the need for hospital trolleys.

But perhaps, as detailed in the recently published US book 'Confessions of Congressman X', written by an anonymous congressman, it is far more important to spend your time on seeming competent and getting re-elected than to actually achieve anything for the people who pay your salary.

Richard Barton

Tinahely, Co Wicklow

Ireland 'backing unjustified wars'

On September 30, Shimon Peres was buried in Israel, hailed by many as a peacemaker, by others as a war criminal. Peace in the Middle East has never been so urgent, yet so far from reality.

Afghanistan has been in chaos since the US-led invasion overthrew its government in 2001.

Libya has been in chaos since the overthrow of President Gaddafi was assisted by NATO bombing in 2011.

Russia's decision to annex the Crimea and become militarily involved in an effort to prevent the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria may have been prompted by President Putin's anger at being misled by the US over NATO plans to overthrow Gaddafi.

The questionable ceasefire in Syria fell apart after the attack by US, Australian, British and Danish warplanes. It killed up to 90 Syrian troops who were defending Deir ez-Zour military air base, enabling ISIS to capture the strategic al-Tharda mountain.

In retaliation, the Syrian government resumed its attacks to recapture Aleppo, supported by Russian warplanes. Iraq has been in chaos since the overthrow of its government in 2003.

The misguided war on terror has been a fertile breeding ground for terrorists. In Egypt, in 2013, the democratically elected government of President Morsi was overthrown and a military dictatorship restored, supported by the US.

The UN has been unable to create peace in the Middle East, partly because too many of its member states have failed to challenge those powerful governments who are abusing UN and international laws.

Ireland, instead of supporting the UN, has been supporting unjustified, US-led wars in the Middle East.

"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace." - Tacitus.

Edward Horgan

Castletroy, Limerick

Syrian movement is needed

'We are all Aleppo' - anyone?

Sean Steele

Walkinstown, Dublin 12

Root cause of obesity is ignored

I agree with Dr Francis Finucane (Irish Independent, September 29) that the problem of obesity cannot be solved by focusing on exercise alone. However, I believe that he ignores the wider picture by concentrating on diet instead.

People need to truly understand the need to lose weight and feel genuine, intrinsic motivation to do so. This cannot be achieved by simply educating them about food.

A lot of people overeat to compensate for the lack of fulfilment and happiness in their lives. Schools and the media need to give a lot more attention to emotional well-being.

Children at school have to be taught the basics of psychology, e.g. how to manage emotions and how to communicate effectively.

There should be easier access to counsellors and therapists for children and adults struggling emotionally.

In the long run, this would cost the Government less than treating the medical consequences of chronic obesity.

Andrea Lutz


Irish Independent

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