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Dual nationality is to be celebrated

Madam -- Having dual nationality is not a matter of being loyal to one country and betraying the other, nor is it being like the Anglo-Irish who were only at home on the ferry boat between these two islands (John-Paul McCarthy, Sunday Independent, September 16, 2012).

The Irish-Americans or American-Irish don't have such an identity crisis; they are proud to have dual nationality and celebrate their joint heritage. But being Irish-British or British-Irish is another matter. Pat Kenny has called Rory McIlroy's decision to play golf for Team GB at the next Olympics a "PR disaster"; but a "disaster" for whom?

Then there are the Irish citizens resident in the UK who can vote here but not in Ireland. When Ireland plays I root for it; if Ireland is not playing I root for Team GB. Having two teams to root for is always better than one.

Bernard O'Grady,

Muswell Hill, London

Sunday Independent