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Drag hunting is in different pack

YOUR correspondent writing about hunting is not altogether correct (Letters, February 1). He mentions the massive popularity of the pioneering drag hunts in Ireland.

I come from the southeast, where hunting has a long tradition and a huge following.

The only drag hunt that was formed in our region a few years ago in Co Waterford is no longer operational. All the harrier and foxhound packs (of which there are many) are still in existence with waiting lists for potential new members.

If drag hunts are enjoying such popularity, why does the southeast (Waterford, Tipperary South, Wexford and Kilkenny) not have one in operation? On a separate point, drag hunting is a different type of sport in which you need a different type of animal.

All horses are not suited to drag hunting as it can makes them very uneasy and impatient -- horses begin to expect instant action once the dogs start to follow the trail.

Drag hunting is fast and furious and can make horses very difficult to control. It is very unfair to say that drag hunting is a substitute for fox or hare hunting, given that you need a very different type of horse.

Drag hunting certainly has a following in Ireland but traditional hunting has a much larger following and continued support in rural Ireland.



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