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Wednesday 22 May 2019

DPP should have charged O'Dea

In May of this year, the Director of Public Prosecutions, James Hamilton, made a speech entitled 'Prosecuting Corruption in Ireland'. He lectured on political corruption and stated: "There are still significant weaknesses in the legislative scheme."

This is the DPP of the country, who we are looking to at this time to help prosecute the white-collar crime that has plagued this country during the reign of the current Government.

And what does Mr Hamilton do? He gives Willie O'Dea a big slap on the back and tells him that he faces no charges over committing perjury.

Well done, Mr Hamilton -- another triumph for the 'them-and-us' culture in Ireland. How can you punish white-collar crime when you iron the shirts of those you should be locking up?

Darren Williams
Sandyford, Dublin

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