Thursday 22 March 2018

Don't have dig at Bord na Mona

Sir -- Your front-page headline of Sunday, May 15, is somewhat inflammatory and quite erroneous. While you state that the recent Bord na Mona Labour Court Recommendation "is certain to provoke outrage among workers in the private sector who are already angered that the Government has decided, without precedent, to raid their pension funds" may I advise as follows: our members are classed as private-sector workers for the purposes of such pay awards.

Our Bord na Mona members will be affected in the same way as other workers in the commercial semi-state sector and the wider private sector if the Government proceeds as you term it "to raid their pension funds".

It was not reported by you that these workers have put in an additional 1.5 per cent contribution in the last two years on top of their existing 6 per cent contribution to deal with deficits in their pension scheme.

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