Saturday 21 September 2019

Don't forget about stamp duty when buying sites

So, stamp duty for first time buyers is an inequitable tax which weighs heavily on young people who are trying to get onto the first rung of the property ladder. Agreed. And the Government proposes to get rid of it. Fair enough.

But what of those who decide to go the tougher, but hopefully cheaper, route of buying a site and building on it? Is not stamp duty on the cost of the site equally inequitable? Should that not go too?
Brendan Casserly
THE recent suicide tragedy's in Tyrone and Armagh highlight the fact that young people are being feed a steady diet of negativity and self loathing from a bunch of politicly motivated losers.

Young people are told that we are near peak oil and our lifestyle is in grave danger. This is not true. These lies are being perpetrated by miserable people who want to drag everyone else down with them.

It's up to the rest of us to give our young hope and inspiration. Perhaps we could start by telling them the truth.
Joe Heavy

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