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Don't fall into VHI trap the way I did

Where do I begin? I speak of the VHI hike. I have no option but to opt out as I just can't afford this exorbitant, unjust rise at this time of economic crisis that affects so many in our midst.

I have been with the VHI for over 35 years. I joined when I married and had a family and was too scared not to have private cover. Bigger the fool I was, but it's easy to be wiser in hindsight.

My advice to any young couple contemplating VHI health cover would be, think again. They (VHI) will do exactly the same to you when you reach a certain age, the age at which you might need to avail of that cover.

Put your hard-earned money away, save it and if the need arises, pay the hospital, consultants, etc, with hard cash.

If only I was that clever back then. I am too afraid to add up the total amount of money I have paid VHI over all those years, in case I might get a heart attack.

As for the VHI and the people responsible for the decision to hike my cover beyond affordability, you did it because you could. You're not interested in people, only in their money.

I and many, many like me were the backbone of your company for many a long year. How quickly you forgot.

We taxpayers and contributors to VHI deserve better treatment than this.

For any insurance company to legally be able to increase premiums by 45pc is absolutely and utterly scandalous.

Phyl Mhic Oscair
Baile Atha Cliath 4

Irish Independent