Tuesday 24 October 2017

Don't elect 'cute hoors'

Sir -- It has long been the Irish way, the compulsion to get one over on the establishment, this cute hoorism, an echo of our attitude to our former colonial masters. It has seeped deep into our political outlook, in our village mentality to the disgraced politician, "yeah he did wrong but shure isn't he one of our own . . . he's being put down by that crowd up there in Dublin" and he's promptly returned in the next election by his blinkered neighbours. "He's good for the area," they'll argue, but ask yourself this: Is he/she really good for your area? This same individual was asleep at the wheel when our little country was smashed into economic carnage. Complicit through either inactivity or in the case of quite a few, direct involvement.

Shame on ministers who think it is fair they continue to receive four grand a week, while most of us struggle on small fractions of that, but they don't feel shame. But shame on us for voting them into office because 'they're one of our own'.

Next time I urge you to vote for a 'different' one of your own! Preferably someone young with fresh ideas, maybe even someone from the same political party that you have always voted for; give the 'new' a chance, for the sake of our little island. Please next time put Ireland first and rid yourself of these political vultures, who are bankrupt of progressive ideas, who have lined their own pockets at the expense of Irish families and the vulnerable who, in their support without limits of Anglo Zombie Bank, are going to subject your children's children to penury and emigration for decades to come. If this disaster has hurt you or your family, do not elect these people at any level -- take their seats from them. You can't damage them financially for they have padded their nests so well that they will never go short, but hurt their sense of pride and you will do them a serious injury. Remember next time, how they have hurt your loved ones. The Cowens, the Gormleys, the Coughlans etc, can all be toppled by you. You are what they fear most.

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