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Don't bow to latest plea by publicans

I see the vintners are looking for a dig-out again -- but I hope Fianna Fail is out of government before the vintners' proposal that a minimum price order be introduced on alcohol gets legs.

Pub owners just don't get it. There has been a lifestyle change undertaken by Irish people over the past number of years. They don't go to pubs as often as before, and undoubtedly the smoking ban has contributed to this.

However, their own greed is in large part responsible for their continued demise. A long-neck bottle of Miller beer costs €5 in pubs in Dublin but the same bottle costs €1 in an off-licence. Irish people are fed up paying over the odds to line the pockets of specific interest groups and it's time to call a halt.

Publicans need to innovate to attract customers back and not spend their time lobbying for anti-competitive legislation. We already have a car scrappage scheme subsidising the sale of foreign-manufactured products, so with the developers (temporarily) off the scene, let's not bail out another of Fianna Fail's favourite 'sons'.

Jerry Melinn
Ilioupolis, Athens

Irish Independent