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Don't blame FF -- you elected them

If Fianna Fail are the cute hoors as implied by James Rogers (Letters, October 19), who is it that elects them time and time again to positions of power?

The Irish people elect more Fianna Fail politicians than politicians from any other party, so if the Irish people want to blame anyone for Fianna Fail doing so much damage, blame themselves.

The people elected in Ireland are a mirror image of the Irish people who vote for them in the first place. So come the election, let's see if the penny has dropped with the public yet.

Fianna Fail is so successful because it perfectly reflects the attitude of the majority of Irish people to honesty, ethics and accountability.

If you elect cronies and sleveens, you get cute hoors. It's not rocket science.

Desmond FitzGerald
Canary Wharf, London

Irish Independent