Tuesday 16 January 2018

Don't be afraid to mention the war

Sir -- The arrogance of Germany knows no bounds. The Fatherland, with the compliance of the so-called EU, is to dictate how the Greek government draws up its budgets.

Has Europe forgotten the German invasion of Greece in 1941 and the brutal occupation which followed. Who gave Germany its new-found "right" to rule Europe now, in the early part of this century? How did this happen -- and why was it allowed to? Germany declares itself the richest so it has given itself the illusion it is destined to once again rule over all. Does anyone, the Irish Government for example, realise how the Greek nation feels at this time of distress?

We know how Minister Michael Noonan feels about Greece as he continues to mock them and expresses on our behalf how happy we are to be not as 'irresponsible' as that noble race.

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