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Dominique Strauss-Kahn

@hblodget This #Strauss-Kahn news is amazing. If anyone needed reminder of why "innocent until proven guilty", here it is.

@julianborger Makes the NY perp walk look even worse.

@lisaocarroll Wow #Strauss-Kahn case is 'close to collapse'. Could this mean Sarkozy will have a rival after all?

@john_hooper Just wait till Italian president Silvio #Berlusconi hears about this! #Strauss-Kahn.

@piersmorgan Wow. If this is all true, then Dominique #Strauss-Kahn may be innocent, and become French President after all.

@AmandaLang_CBC If Strauss-Kahn is found to be innocent the travesty isn't just about his own freedom and reputation, but the loss of his help to handle Greece.

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