Saturday 18 November 2017

Doing my bit by not scrapping car

In response to Michael Job's letter 'Scrappage scheme far from a success' (December 9), I quite agree. Look around most of Europe and you will not only see 10-year-old cars working and driving perfectly, but 20-and 30-year-old ones as well. I drive an older car (almost 17 years old). It is not a "banger" but I have found that most garage service departments have a bad attitude towards older cars and their owners. It is almost a case of "you are anti-the-motor-trade, why don't you buy a new car?".

The term 'banger' used to mean something in the 1960s, but from the 1980s onwards most cars were so well-made that they did not fall apart after 10 years.

I bought the manual and learned how to work on my own car. If the motor trade does not want to embrace service that is fine. Gone are the days of paying €600 for 'repairs' that result in no change only to hear "Ah well, it's an older car, I couldn't have guaranteed that the repair would work". If the trade does not want my money that is fine.

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