Monday 9 December 2019

Doctors who leave for better pay a disgrace

It was much to my dismay that I read in the news this week that A&E departments will be closing due to a shortage of doctors.

It appears that this shortage can be attributed to doctors who, after being trained here at huge cost to the State, opt to take more financially attractive posts in other countries.

To be willing to ignore the suffering of your fellow citizens on trolleys in A&E for the promise of higher financial reward is, frankly, a sad reflection on their motivations.

I believe the Government should implement a contract system for medical students in which they would be required to fill the demand for doctors in Irish hospitals for a fixed tenure or pay the cost of their training if they decide to turn their backs on the State that invested in them.

Stuart MAC AogAin
BOthar PAirc an BhAiltIn, BAC 7

Irish Independent

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