Saturday 24 February 2018

Do not abandon democracy yet

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Sir -- Your editorial (Sunday Independent, February 14, 2010), makes a case for the setting up of a 'national government', comprising politicians of all parties and headed by politicians who score well in opinion polls. This line of thinking essentially recommends that we convert our democracy into a dictatorship with no opposition. Surely it is not appropriate that, after less than 100 years, we abandon the democratic republic that was bequeathed to us at great cost by our antecedents and convert it into a virtual one-party state, headed by celebrity politicians, on the basis of a few opinion polls.

Indeed, it could be argued that the problems which we are now enduring derive from the fact that one party has been in power nearly continuously for the last quarter century.

I am not making a party political point here. The same was as likely to have happened if the present opposition parties were in power that long.

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