Thursday 23 November 2017

DJs are pawns in a corporate game

Madam – Well done to Johnny Duhan for highlighting the poor percentage of radio play afforded to Irish artistes (Sunday Independent, April 13, 2014). Who is going to apply the whip to the DJs? They have become pawns in a corporate business game, and the playlist system, as Mr Duhan rightly points out, undermines their freedom to a much greater extent than in the past with respect to the music they can play. DJs probably refuse to speak out about this aspect of their work as they do not want to risk displeasing their employers.

The policies pursued by their employers is the issue and its impact on the music industry and native creative talent. Should it not be an inherent goal of DJs and radio station policy drivers to nurture native talent and give it a greater exposure on its native soil?

He challenges DJs to make a stand. The revolution won't be televised, but we do need DJs to rise to the occasion and assert a certain autonomy. Few have the courage to stand up and be counted and act on the courage of their convictions.

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