Saturday 17 November 2018

Disgusted by Ian's comments

Sir - As someone who is a Catholic (but, needless to say, not the most fervent of Catholics), I was disgusted to see Ian O'Doherty's 'coverage' of the papal succession over the past few weeks. And while his original offerings were just about tolerable in a free-thinking society, the rot that appeared in a recent column was both hurtful and infuriating.

What is laughable about O'Doherty's arrogant approach is that he spends most of the article discussing "free society", "Western democracy" and the positive points of cultural diversity - while simultaneously portraying anyone who holds traditional Catholic beliefs as either crazy or dangerous.

This is, of course, one method which both the press and policymakers in the Soviet Union employed to 'disappear' anyone with religious or dissident beliefs. And while I applaud Mr O'Doherty for his aggressive assertion of free speech, such free speech cannot be used, to quote the Soviet-style scribe, as "a call to arms" against those with religious convictions.

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