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Discovery . . . Typical . . . Tasteful idea . . . Death

Further to Allison Bray's report on the restoration of the scagliola tabletop ('Rare antique table gets a makeover', Irish Independent, January 27), I would like to add that I discovered the elaborate console base in a store of the Office of Public Works last year, where it had lain forgotten and unidentified for decades. The discovery was published in 'Country Life' magazine on June 29, 2009.

Joe McDonnell
Dublin 7

  • I read with interest that the Civil Service is going on a 'go slow', not answering the phones in the morning and so on.

No change there then!

Catherine O'Sullivan
Dublin 1

  • WHAT makes Eamon Ryan and his party think they need to implement new postal codes? We have been independent since 1922, but our politicians still feel compelled to copy other countries.

Dr Florence Craven
Maynooth, Co Kildare

  • I was just curious to know what the Government plans to do with all that salt now that the cold snap has passed.

I am a pensioner living on a very restricted budget and I feel that it would be a waste for such a delicious commodity to sit in huge vats in Limerick Port while I continue to sit through bland and tasteless dinners in Dublin.

Simply by helping people like me spruce up a plate of chips, John Gormley could repair some of the damage done to his tattered reputation.

Kevin Breslin
Dublin 7

  • Jacqueline Cotter (Letters, January 28) would like Osama and Obama to break bread together.

Osama might urge Obama to stop his armies from slaughtering the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Compared with Obama in the death and destruction stakes, Osama is in the ha'penny place.

Robert Sullivan,
Bantry, Co Cork

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