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Dimming torch

• A stray dog got a cheer from the crowds of children yesterday as he crossed the path of the Olympic torch as it proceeded through Dublin; that's fair enough, after all, every dog should have its day.

All the same, I do draw the line at the inclusion of Jedward. By now, the joke of these two talentless twits is, in my opinion, very much on us. To include them in a pageant that was comprised of a pantheon of sporting legends would have been funny were it not for the fact that their very presence made a mockery of the achievements of those who brought glory to this country through their outstanding sporting achievements.

The Grimes boys are nice lads, and the fact that they may well have made more between them in their short glittering showbiz careers than many of the rest of the carriers of the torch, says much about the relationship between talent and reward.

Sonia O'Sullivan, Katie Taylor, Ronnie Delaney and Michael Carruth are great examples of those who demonstrate grace under pressure, but surely it was asking a bit much of them to expect them to maintain their composure in a parade that included these two tuneless jumping beans?

JJ Bryant
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