Monday 11 December 2017

Different view of Jim Hurley

Madam -- An article by Eoghan Harris (Sunday Independent, April 29, 2012), has been brought to my attention. The remarks made by Mr Harris in respect of my father, Jim Hurley, are inaccurate and upsetting. It is unlikely that Mr Harris had reached his 22nd birthday when Jim Hurley died in February 1965. If Mr Harris ever met Jim Hurley, he most certainly was not acquainted with him as portrayed in the article.

Mr Harris states that he and Jim Blake spent pretty much every night drinking with Jim Hurley and Tom Barry in the Grocers Club in Cork. This is manifestly incorrect because Jim Hurley, who never drank in his life, was most certainly not in the Grocer's Club on several occasions, if ever, and had neither the patience nor inclination to spend any time in the company of those drinking.

Mr Harris states that Tom Barry talked about events by rote and that Jim Hurley listened as if by rote with a glazed look on his face. This is simply not credible. Jim Hurley was the most independent and moral of men. He and Tom Barry were genuine friends. Neither would do anything by rote. Nor were they advocates of war. My father, Jim Hurley, often explained to us the horrors of war, especially of close combat. He was a man of peace and reconciliation and constantly advocated that to us, his children, and gave us great example in that respect at many levels. His greatest act of reconciliation is that he and John Collins, brother of Michael Collins, are, by mutual agreement, laid to rest side by side in Clonakilty.

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