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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Dickens couldn't have made it up

Budget 2010 leaves today's Ireland with an eerie resemblance to Dickensian times. No, we are not starving in large numbers (yet at least) but the principle is the same. The poor, the widowed, the blind, the disabled will live in hitherto unthinkable poverty, while the bounty of our country is shared among a select elite.

I will be unable to watch the traditional Christmas films, designed to prick the Christian conscience at this time of year, without drawing parallels with what is happening in real life.

Cuts to basic standards of living, education and health care will turn disadvantaged areas into 'Fagan's Den' while the unfortunate urchins, noses pressed to windows, will watch in envy as their 'betters' feast and guzzle on plenty. When crime levels explode, as is inevitable in a society of such inequity, those in charge will claim it is the result of unreasonable expectations on behalf of the rabble who have the neck to seek their share of the nation's spoils.

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