Friday 20 April 2018

Devil in detail of 'Faustian pact'

THERE is only one thing worse than the political paralysis, manifested by the current zombie Government, and that surely has to be the manner in which Irish trade unions are proffering advice about how to get out of the situation they helped get us into.

From David Begg -- the little remembered central banker -- telling us that we are 'like the Titanic', to Jimmy Kelly of Unite telling his members to lobby their TD about the lack of job creation, the unions are now attempting to pass themselves off as ancient-world explorers arriving on a new continent, untainted by anything that has gone before.

The fact is that both these discredited groups, Government and unions, sat in partnership for 20 years, a fact that both now seem to want to eradicate from our history. If it weren't for the extent of our banking disaster, the Government and unions would be in the dock for the extent of the maladministration. The evidence for the trial that will never be is continuing to mount.

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