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Declan on the ball about GAA

Sir -- In regard to Declan Lynch's article in Life Magazine (October 3, 2010) regarding hurling -- I loved it! It was humorous and clever.

It was an original take on the beloved sport, highlighting the unshakeable love we have for the 'clash of the ash'.

Yet I completely disagreed with the argument of misplaced pride in hurling. It was more bah humbug than believable. Was it true opinion or more playing devil's advocate? I'm guessing the latter. Yes, I imagine some hurling lovers wouldn't even know how to pick up the stick, let alone swing it, but does that mean they can't be proud of it for being created in their homeland?

Furthermore, can I only be proud of an Irishman creating a world-celebrated stout if I've downed a few? I have never met Saint Patrick, but myself and many other fellow Irish are happy to give him a good day out on March 17! Maybe the fact that 'Paddy' -- as Declan Lynch refers to the hurling lover -- has never played it her/himself is a reason that s/he respects the fearful sport, where one receives no sympathy for getting their legs hacked at by some riled-up Kerryman with a stick. Like everything at the moment, we are being 'multi-nationalised'.

'Slan' The Point agus Lansdowne, Hello the O2 and The Aviva! Should we not celebrate the GAA has the sliotars not to sell the Irish out?

Yes, the good times brought so much -- five cars, three family holidays and Ryanair on speed dial, but in more serious times where the fear hangs over our heads that one morning Ireland is going to wake up with a new name -- 'Vodaphone' -- as the Government sells Ireland on a three-year endorsement contract, must we take the fun out of our 'Gaames' too?

Dee O'Connor,

Firhouse, Dublin 24

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