Thursday 14 November 2019

Debtors subject to lenders' terms

Madam – Of all the articles in your paper over the past months, Jody Corcoran's piece last week (Sunday Independent, December 9, 2012), is the most insightful and succinct. His tone is that of a man of religion. He speaks of "the virtues that sustain a country", "the culture of celebrity" and "a society that cannot distinguish between right and wrong and the cult of self".

Our country is under attack by the malign force of the now worldwide moneymakers. This recession did not come about by the collapse of our crazy building industry or Lehman's bank. It was caused by the restriction of the money supply and the demand for repayment without the facility to renegotiate debt. The debtor is subject to the lender. He who controls the money supply controls all human activity. We are not in a recession, we are in a non-military war. That is why Jody can say "our country is falling apart in front of us". We cannot fight back because again, as Jody asks, "What do politicians really know?" Worse still, what do their spin doctors and economists know?

It is ironic that beneath Jody's article is a piece by Colm McCarthy, writing about election promises not broken, as if to break them would be the panacea for all our woes. New thinking and a new approach will have to take place. There is no point anymore in writing and talking about our dire situation. We will have to mobilise the strong independent forces within the country – and I don't mean Sinn Fein et al – to form a government of National Unity, confront the subversive bullies of the diddering EU or leave before all collapses on us.

Sean Farrell,


Sunday Independent

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