Tuesday 12 December 2017

Death of the pub

•In recent years the social world of the public house shrunk due to the lack of money to be spent there. Drinking at home became the norm for many people simply because of the cheap availability of alcohol in supermarkets and off-licences. I must admit that I have paid only one visit to a public house in the last two months but I cannot count how many times I have gone to friends' abodes to socialise.

The Government now wants to take the last scrap of pleasure away from the ordinary person by way of dressing up a stealth tax with concerns over the way Irish people drink. There is no doubt alcohol is a dangerous factor for some, but increasing the price of it in the next Budget is just as dangerous. Economically it will drive more booze shoppers northwards and healthwise it will make some desperate folk turn to home brewing. I won't be doing the latter but I will be buying my festive alcohol north of the Border.

The thing with political jokes is that they usually get elected, and the bigger joke is that the same bunch will now force people to get ripped-off in their quest for intoxication. If the price of alcohol increases than I will develop a drinking problem -- the problem being that I won't be able to afford it!

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