Sunday 18 March 2018

Deal will be our nation's undoing

Sir -- I write to compliment Daniel McConnell on his article 'Croke Park is Economic Treason'. (Sunday Independent, Oct. 31, 2010). Fair play to you and many of your colleagues in the Sunday Independent for exposing the injustice and lack of business acumen being shown by the Government in slavishly sticking by the Croke Park deal.

The public are dependent on you and your colleagues to expose this deal because we know RTE won't do so as they are all beneficiaries of this cosy arrangement.

I believe the deal could be the litmus test for Ireland as to whether we retain our sovereignty or cede it to the IMF. I would go as far as to say that if the Government doesn't scrap this deal we won't deserve to retain sovereignty as the Government will have proven it is not fit to run the country. The scary thing is I am far from convinced that the opposition, especially with Labour in tow, would scrap the deal.

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