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Days of cronyism are over, Willie

Sir -- Is Willie O'Dea serious? He tells us the political job for each generation is to make life better for the next. It is the role Fianna Fail has relished since its foundation. So much for your party's care and hypocrisy. It would do you better to read Gene Kerrigan, John Drennan, Jody Corcoran, Ronald Quinlan, Daniel McConnell, Ronan Fanning and Olivia O'Leary in the same edition (Sunday Independent, January 23, 2011), before you spout your tripe. Your founder, Eamon de Valera said in 1922, "The majority has no right to do wrong." So take note Mr O'Dea and tell the people of this country in your manifesto that cronyism and corruption are over.

J Hayes,

Dublin 12

Sunday Independent