Saturday 16 December 2017

Day-Lewis is simply brilliant

Madam – The Irish media appear to be obsessed with claiming Daniel Day-Lewis as one of their own. I struggle to recall the last time that he was not referred to as "Wicklow resident Daniel Day-Lewis", and on occasion he is explicitly described as "Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis".

This can appear a little desperate and – dare I say it – needy. Yes, he does hold dual Irish and British citizenship but this does not amount to him being Irish. I know of no other media figure who is consistently defined by his place of residence. By this method, those Irish actors that have taken up US citizenship (Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan as just two of many examples) should be referred to as "American actor..." or introduced as "LA resident..." or "New York resident..." etc.

Is it not possible to refer to him simply by his name and stop being so hung up on his choice of location for his home? Let us just recognise his brilliance, regardless of his nationality, citizenship or place of residence.

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