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Dawkins's intolerance is not a myth but fact

Regarding Kevin Myers's article: "Myth of Dawkins as an intolerant, atheist crusader is just that -- myth" (Irish Independent, June 9).

In response to the question by interviewer Laura Sheahen for Beliefnet: "What about intelligent people who accept evolution and do marvel at scientific advances (and perhaps were raised without much religion), but who suddenly find themselves wanting more -- wanting a specifically religious dimension to their lives that science can't fill?" Dawkins replied : "Well, I've never met one ... . I've met plenty of people who call themselves religious, but ... if they're genuinely intelligent, it does not involve the supernatural."

If that is not intolerant (and somewhat arrogant) atheism, then I am at a loss to know what it is.

Professor Joe N Perry
Norfolk, ENGLAND

Irish Independent