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Dail must listen to teenage voices

Sir -- I would like to highly commend 17-year-old Christine Meehan for the content of her letter entitled 'Listen to teenagers' (Sunday Independent, June 19, 2011).

The shockingly high numbers of teenage suicides in Ms Meehan's local area which prompted her to put pen to paper must be devastating for all involved. The courage she displayed by taking up her 'sword of truth' in an effort to help put an end to teen suicide throughout the country speaks volumes.

With this in mind I would urge this incredibly brave girl to forward the link to her letter on the Sunday Independent website to Taoiseach Enda Kenny, every minister and junior minister in Dail Eireann, and each and every political party in the country.

It is high time that those in power woke up and heard the desperate cry for help, so eloquently communicated by a very perceptive teenager who represents her close friends and every teenager on this island.

Derry-Ann Morgan,

Oldcastle, Co Meath

Sunday Independent