Wednesday 19 June 2019

Dail is such a hoot: so keep Rabbitte-ing on Pat

l I like to think of Dail Eireann as the national theatre (in-the-round) of Ireland. For drama and comedic interlude it is sometimes the best show in town. That it is not always so is due to lack of commitment. This 166-strong company of performers comprises the talented, the talentless, the tiresome and the absent. However, with moral force and technical brilliance, Pat Rabbitte truly elevates this central forum of our public life. I, for one, am grateful and applaud him. Stay awhile, Pat.

l Regrettably, the article 'Naked greed and passive consumers' (Business, August 19) overlooked comparing like with like in a survey of grocery products. Had the report included the prices of own label products at Tesco, a saving of up to €60 would have been achieved over the cost of the basket of branded goods used by the National Consumer Agency. This is a notable saving and compares more than favourably with the €30 savings at the German discount stores.

l The call from Sinn Fein for the disbandment of the Garda Special Branch is a disgraceful attempt to smear the reputation of that force. In an irresponsible act of self justification Sinn Fein want to disband the organisation that has done the most to protect innocent people from the murderous and criminal intentions of the Provisional Movement. Their claim that members of the Special Branch need to be redeployed after ¨intensive human rights upskilling¨ is a crude and ineffective attempt to deflect attention away from their own record of human rights abuses.

John Kenny

Monkstown Valley

Co Dublin

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