Monday 18 December 2017

Dail gold rush

•News of the shameless and obscene appropriation of the nation's limited finances through the exorbitant pensions handed to Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen and their colleagues beggars belief. Our leaders' unrivalled mediocrity is being lavishly rewarded for taking the country into near destitution. Sadly, we have not heard even a whisper of apology.

Ireland has played into the hands of politicians by marginalising the influence of the churches. One senator recently suggested that the bishops should stick to their prayers. Clearly it would suit the purposes of politicians if the bishops prayed for the country whilst they preyed on it. If only the bishops came en masse to Dublin and camped outside the Dail as a statement of Christian solidarity we would have the first serious indication of a resurgent church, taking the side of the poor and restoring Ireland's natural sense of decency, justice and fairness. I can understand their timidity as they are silenced by the bogus injunction to keep out of politics.

The greed and crass acquisitiveness that has taken hold of our politicians is an affront to the many fathers and mothers in our towns and cities who are struggling to provide their children with enough to eat.

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